Some of my tubes:

Used but 100% pair of old production brown base EL34, + a NOS quad. Date codes indicate Febuary of 1984, but my tube pimp says they're late 70's. Next best thing to Mullard EL34.

Mullard 12AX7/ECC83 14mm shortplates, made in the original Blackburn plant:

Mullard, I61, Oct 1962
Mullard, IEC label, I63, May 1967
Mullard, IEC label, I63, Sept 1969
Mullard, I61, Feb 1960
Mullard, Voice of Music label, I61, 1960
Mullard, The Fisher label, I61, Dec 1964
Mullard, I63, July 1965

Mullard, I63, 1966
Mullard, The Fisher label, I63, Oct 1964
Mullard, 1966
Sylvania 1961
Sylvania 1961
Sylvania 1961
Sylvania 1961

Sylvania 1960s(?)
Sylvania 1960s(?)
Sylvania 1960s(?)
JAN Philips
7025 RCA
7025 RCA

7025 RCA
EI grey plate, 2001 Telefunken-copy. These pretty recent production tubes are the best out there for massive gain + low end, if you can deal with the microphonics.

Various re-branded Heerlen Holland-made Amperex, and the below '48/'53.

High gain:
Three NOS E.German RFT 12AX7/ECC83

Motorola-labeled Raytheon (maybe RCA?) 12AX7A long blackplate, round getter.

RCA 12AX7A long blackplate, square getter.

Very rare Heerlen Holland-made Amperex 12AX7/ECC83, longplate, 01/48 or 03/53. Tests above new.

Calibrated 1960's Hickok 123a Cardmatic tube tester

etc,. etc., etc.

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