Some of the stuff I've owned that's long gone.. I'm sure it's not all of it, either:
Reissue Fender Jaguar, 1969/1970 lake placid blue Fender Mustang, 1989 silver Fender American Standard Strat, 1996 white Fender Mexican Standard Strat, 1980 wine red Les Paul Custom, 1967 brown Gibson Melody Maker, 1977 white/yellowed Gibson SG Custom (owned by Screaming Trees), stripped brown 1976-ish Gibson Les Paul Special, 1966 bound neck Fender Jaguar, 1998 heritage cherry Gibson SG Standard, 1968 cherry red Gibson SG Special that was Earnie's (with AC/DC-owned case), Gibson CL-30 Deluxe acoustic, '68 reissue sunburst Japanese Fender Strat, blonde Fender Jazzmaster reissue limited edition, 1961 sunburst Fender Musicmaster, 1979 natural Fender Stratocaster, 1985 '62 reissue sunburst Japanese Fender Telecaster Custom, 1961 Fender Esquire body refinished in sherwood green metallic, 1970's red Japanese Epiphone semi-hollowbody, Martin DM acoustic, Gibson Historic '57 R7 reissue goldtop, TV yellow Gibson Historic '57 reissue R7 Junior, MESA/Boogie .22+ amp, 1965 blackface Fender Bassman head, 1963 white Fender Bassman head, 1970 Hiwatt Custom DR103, 1965 Fender Bandmaster 2x12 cab, hotrodded 1977 Marshall JMP Master Model 50 watt Mark II Lead amp head, 1970 Hiwatt DR103, 1970 purple basketweave Marshall cab with original Greenbacks Celestion (originally painted black, I stripped the whole thing), 70 watt speakers, Celestion speakers, mid-60's Jensen C10Q's, E-H Echoflanger, E-H Small Clone, E-H Small Stone red/black, E-H Small Stone orange/black, E-H Deluxe Memory Man reissue, E-H ram's head logo Big Muff Pi (2nd version), E-H black/red graphics Big Muff Pi (third version), E-H/Sovtek black reissue Big Muff, Rokteck distortion, Boss DS-2, Boss DD3, AnalogMan Small Clone clone SN#2, DOD Flanger, DOD Supra Distortion, DOD Overdrive, Menatone King of the Britains, Vox V846 wah, Univox Superfuzz, Park G25R amp, Marshall JCM800 "1936" lead Series 2x12 cab, late 70's Marshall 4x12 bass cab, 1972 Marshall 8x10 checkerboard cab, Marshall JCM900 4x12 cab, Dean Markley ZH-7 soundhole pickup, Seymour Duncan JB, Duncan Little '59, Dimarzio Fast Track 2, lots of other Duncan, Dimarzio, Lace, Fralin, etc. pickups, etc., etc.